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Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haq Rudaulwi Quddisa Sirrohul-Qawi

His name is Shaikh Ahmad, sobriquets are Dastageer-e-Bekasan, Shaikh-ul-Aalam, Abdul-Haq and Noor-ul-Haq. Father’s name is Shaikh Muhammad Umar. He is the descendant of Ameer-ul-Mo’mineen Hadhrat Umar Farooque RadhiAllahu Ta’la Anh with a few chains of linage. His grandfather Hadhrat Shaikh Daud came up to India after leaving the accommodation of Balkh, during the governance of Sultan Alauddin Khilji and settled down at Rudauli the region of Awadh town. Hadhrat Shaikh Dawood quddisa sirrohu was disciple and caliph of Hadhrat Shaikh Naseeruddin Chiragh-e-Dehlawi, whose successor was his son Hadhrat Shaikh Muhammad Umar Quddis Sirrohu. At his own house Hadhrat Makhdoom Abdul-Haque took birth into the middle of the eighth century AH. The good news of arrival of Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam had already obtained to their parents. He was very passionate of worshipping his lord and dominated by the divine love of his beloved, from his childhood. He got qualified with each knowledge at the age of only twelve, from his elder brother Hadhrat Shaikh Naqiuddin. After that, he took Hadhrat Makhdoom with him to the Delhi for further studies but the scholars of Delhi shouts sorry to teach him, giving excuse that he has such a knowledge, that our knowledge is redundant to him. Near about, at the age of eighteen, He began to travel and started looking for the real destination. Visited to the great Scholars and Mashaikh of the time. Also met with Hadhrat Noor Qutub Aalam Pandwi and Hadhrat Shaikh Fathullah Awadhi, but when he didn’t achieved the real destination, prepared his grave with his own hands and buried himself alive in the grave and put himself on extreme Riyazat & Mujahidah in the grave. Then he came out from the grave and presented himself in the court of Kabirul-Awliya Hadhrat Makhdoom Jalaluddin Pani-Pati after receiving indications from the concealed and blessed with the allegiance & caliphate in the Silsila-e-Chishtiya Sabiriyya. Hadhrat Kabir-ul-Awliya kept him for a long time in his company and blessed him with his succession after giving him each kind of blessings, received by his Mashaikh. Hadhrat Makhdoom Pak stood up for a long time in the river Saryu, in the state of ecstasy and Hadhrat Maula Ali Karramallahu Tal’a Wajhahul Kareem blessed him with the supplication, called Dua-e-Haidari, on the order of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and on his family) which has been reciting in all Salasil. The Silsila-e-Sabiriyya Chishtiya received a new life through the blessings of him and the silsila spread all around the world, for this reason, he is called the regenerator of Silsila-e-Sabiriyyah Chishtiya. He established the first monastery of the Silsila-e-Chishtiya Sabiryyah on the land of Rudauli and played a significant role in the guidance and purification of the humanity. In his contemporaries, the name of Hadhrat Sayyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangeer Simnani, Hadhrat Noor Qutub Aalam Pandawi, Hadhrat Shaikh Safi Rudaulwi, Hadhrat Bandah-Nawaz Gesudaraz and Hadhrat Shaikh Fathullah Awadhi Alaihimurrahma are specially noteworthy. He met with his beloved on 15th of Jamadiutthani, 838 AH. The holy shrine is still the place blessings and guidance for the whole humankind.








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