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Qutub-e-Aalam Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Quddoos No’mani Rudaulwi alias Gangohi Quddisa sirrohu

His name is Abdul Quddoos and the title is Qutub-e-Aalam. Father’s name was Hadhrat Shaikh Isma’il and grandfather’s was Shaikh Safiuddin, who was allegiance and caliph of Hadhrat Sayyed Makhdoom Ashraf quddisa sirrohu. His line of ancestry goes upto Siraj-ul-Ummah Hadhrat Imam-e-Aazam Abu Hanifa Radhiallahu Ta’la Anh with several chains of lineage. For this relativity, their family is called No’mani. Hadhrat Makhdoom Simnani had already given the news of his arrival, very earlier to his grandfather. He born in 861 AH, at the region of Rudauli. At his early age, got involved in the seeking of Uloom-e-Zahirah, but having the state of ecstasy and absorption, his heart did not inclined this way, thus he went on meditation at the holy shrine of Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikhul Aalam. He did jaroob-kashi of the glorious shrine, for a long time and worked hard in riyazah & mujahidah, after that he blessed with the spirituality of Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikul Aalam so much, that, his heart and chest filled with the knowledge of Zahirah & Batinah. Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikhul Aalam spiritually ordered him to be the allegiance in Silsila-e-Chishtiya Sabiryyah on the blessed hands of his grandchild, Hadhrat Shaikh Muhammad Bin Hadhrat Shaikh Aarif Rahimahumullahi Ta’la and also became his caliph. He served his Peer-o-Murshid for a long time and blessed with highly spiritual status. Probably, after the wisal of Peer-o-Murshid, he began to travell. Meanwhile, he reached at Shahabad, after visiting holy places and having meet with the Mashaikh of the time and on the request of Umar Kashi, the ameer of Sultan Sikander Lodhi, stayed thirty years of his life and performed the obligatory of rushd-o-hidayah. When Shahabad got spoiled in the attack of Sultan Babar, then he went out to the Gangoh. Here, a hermit, who lived with hundreds of disciples, came up into his competition, but they all blessed with the wealth of Iman by the grace of Hadhrat Qutub-e-Aalam and bent their head into his slavery, apart this, that place also became Islamistan from kufristan. He had written more than hundred books and due to his blessings, Silsila-e-Sabiriyyah changed into the ocean, which shores are extinct. Only the Allah Subhana Wa Ta’la knows the numbers of his disciples and caliphs. His date of wisal is 23rd of Jamadussani, 944/945AH and the sacred shrine at Gangoh district Saharanpur is the place of acceptance of the supplications.








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